Kind Words

Adam & Ali F.

Angel Pet Sitting, you should know how lucky you are to have such a great team. Just this past weekend, my fiancé, Adam, and I decided to go on a last minute trip to the Jersey shore, so I researched pet sitters, found Angel Pet Sitting, and with only a few days until we were scheduled to leave, I placed a call into you to find me a pet sitter.  The pet sitter called me about 20 minutes later, and was flexible and willing to meet Adam and I (and our pets) on short notice at a time that was convenient for us.
The sitter showed the qualities of a true professional who undoubtedly loved and cared for Carley (dog) and PoPo (kitten) as though they were her own. During the in-home consultation visit, I knew Carley and PoPo were in good hands. Our sitter took the time to carefully go through each of the items on the in-home consultation sheet that included important contacts, veterinary information and visit times.
While we were away, our pet sitter visited Carley and PoPo six times and provided us with a detailed report of each visit that we found on our kitchen table upon our return home. As tired as we were when we arrived home late at night, Adam and I couldn’t wait to read the notes that our sitter had left for us.
We will absolutely recommend Angel Pet Sitting to friends and family,  every time we need a caretaker for Carley and PoPo.
Thank you so much to Angel Pet Sitting!

Michele B.

I recently saw a bumpersticker that said, “My kids have four paws” and that’s how I feel about my cats, Monkey & Mouse. Because I travel frequently throughout the year, both in the States and overseas, for my job, it is such a comfort to have Angel Pet Sitting take care of my babies. Our sitter sends me daily text messages with little updates as to how they’re doing and leaves me thorough notes upon my return so I get a complete overview of how they were while I was away. Our pet sitter is so detail-oriented and responsible, that I know she keeps a close eye on their daily behavior and well-being like I would. And while I miss my kitties terribly when I’m away, the peace of mind that Angel Pet Sitting gives me is invaluable. Thank you so much!

Stephanie & Steve S.

Angel Pet Sitting has been walking our dog, Baron, for almost a year. Baron is a 100 pound, high-energy pitbull/doberman mix who has been known to drag me down the street when he gets excited. Naturally, I was a little nervous to leave him in the hands of a stranger. However, my concerns disappeared when our pet sitter first came to our house for our initial meet-and-greet. Almost immediately, Baron was sitting on the pet sitter’s lap enjoying treats and petting. It was love at first sight!
The business is very professionally run. They keep an extra key to our house in their office in case our regular dog walker needs backup, and they respond to emails right away.  Our pet sitter keeps us up to date on her daily visits through Baron’s Journal (a book where she writes a note about her time with him each day) I know that she really cares about our dog, and really enjoys spending time with him.
There is not anyone better that I can think of to care for our dog. I would definitely recommend Angel Pet Sitting to anyone in the area looking for a pet sitter.

Michelle B.

This is an email we received from a client:
I just wanted to comment on how great Angel Pet Sitting is. This week Stella had a stomach bug for a few days that left her not quite herself and caused several accidents in the house. I had texted our sitter ahead of time to give her a heads up, so she stopped by for Stella’s routine visit, cleaned up the mess that was there and took Stella for a nice long walk. She then stopped back to the house a few hours later to check on her again and take her on another quick walk before texting me to let me know that she did this and that Stella was doing better. You can tell she truly does this because she loves animals and that it’s not just a paycheck to her, which is just wonderful. I think she is the best sitter Stella has had yet, and I always feel much better knowing that Stella is in excellent hands. Just wanted to share the feedback!

Anna & Steve C.

Our dogs are respected and equal family members.  Some day they will be permitted to travel everywhere with us in a fashion that exemplifies their equally respected status.  Until then, and fortunately for all of us, there is Angel Pet Sitting. Our Pet Sitter came for the Get Acquainted visit and immediately sat on the floor so she could be eye level with the dogs.  Our fate was sealed. I provided detailed written instructions, and she continued with copious note taking regarding the care of our dogs, clearly indicating her diligence to me.  She listened intently as I showed her how their home cooked meals of human grade ingredients would need to be prepared daily, and never even flinching, requested further detail.  In addition to their walking schedule, and meal and snack times, their vitamins and medicines would also require attention to detail.  I anticipated a snag when I explained, “While one dog prefers to sleep on the floor, the other prefers to sleep next to you in the bed”, but our sitter didn’t mind one bit!  I pushed even further, I thought, when I asked her to arrive 30 minutes before we left for the airport.  Again, my request was met with total understanding and agreement.  I received text messages frequently while we were traveling to provide updates on their well-being and comforting visuals of what they were doing at that moment (in addition to any relevant sports scores).  Any questions or concerns in our absence were handled via telephone or email, so we could enjoy our vacation, knowing that our dogs were essentially in the care of a well trusted friend.  We returned to a clean house, her daily notes, and a follow-up conversation that reflected her distinct knowledge of each dog’s antics and personalities. As animal lovers, we know the capacity to bond with another species, and the sincerity of our pet sitters tears as she said “Goodbye” to them evidenced the depth of her bond with them.  We look forward to seeing her again soon.  Jean, keep using whatever hiring technique you use for your staff – it’s a winner!

Tiffany B.

Angel Pet Sitting- I cannot say enough good things about them!

I’ll admit it; we’re picky when it comes to our cats. We’re not fanatics but, as a childless couple, they are our furry children. They get the high priced food, they have more toys than they know what to do with and they get the best care we can afford. In a word, they are SPOILED. Did I mention there are eight of them? We have never had anything but positive experiences with Angel Pet Sitting. Not only do they do the job they’re hired to do, they do it to standards above and beyond what is expected and, having a diabetic kitty that needs insulin injections twice a day, we expect a lot from Angel Pet Sitting. Each time we return from a week long vacation, the kids are happy, healthy and obviously well cared for. If it wasn’t for the clean litter and the daily notes left on the counter, we wouldn’t even know anyone had been in our home! They are professional, considerate, trustworthy and they take pride in their work. How many service providers can you say that about these days? What we find most impressive, however, is there compassion and genuine love for our kids. Certainly this is their job but they love the job and it shows. Without a doubt, we recommend Angel Pet Sitting to all discriminating pet parents. After all, eight finicky cats can’t be wrong!

Nancy F.

I can’t say enough good about Jean and her crew at Angel Pet Sitting! I work in a job that takes me away for days at a time sometimes weeks in a row. Jean has always covered as requested, even in a pinch will she make sure my guys get attention if my flights get canceled or the job keeps me out another day. She is always quick to respond to requests, and sometimes I think my dogs like her and her crew better then me!! Bess and Joe are treated so well that they look a little disappointed when I get home! I trust Angel Pet Sitting with my dogs and my house when I’m away on business or vacation.

Sarah R.

Jean and my dog walker have far exceeded my expectations as pet sitters. After our initial in-person meeting, I felt completely at ease and confident that they would do a great job. I had just planned for mid day visits once a week to break up the monotony for Charlie (our 4 year old Beagle), and recently started scheduling some weekend visits when we are out of town. These have worked out great, Charlie is much happier to be at home and the cost is the same as a kennel. I have had other dog walkers in the past that were not reliable, with countless problems, dilemmas, excuses, etc. It is such a nice change of pace to never feel any doubt or concern and to know that Charlie is in great hands. There is never any fuss, hassle or confusion over scheduling; everything is straight forward and professional. There is always a follow up letter after every visit which is more fun to read then the mail. I would also like to thank our sitter for helping out with some unexpected needs when we’ve been out of town, thawing out the lobster, plumbing assistance, to name a couple. In summary, I would whole heartedly recommend Angel Pet Sitting for anyone seeking reliable pet care.

Joan H.

Over the years we have used several individual pet sitters and pet sitting services. Angel Pet Sitting has exceeded our expectations. Some of our cats require special attention while others are just plain rambunctious! For over two years now, we have felt totally confident leaving our multi cat household in the care of Jean and her staff. They are reliable, honest and take exceptional care of our pets as well as our home. We especially enjoy the thoughtful notes that are left at each visit. Without hesitation, we recommend Angel Pet Sitting to other pet owners.

Kirsten and John

We couldn’t be happier with our choice to use Angel Pet Sitting. Your service has been an integral part of our daily lives from the time we decided to bring our Boston Terrier, Blue Bell’s Bodacious Bogart, home and it continues to be now. Angel Pet Sitting has continually been able to accommodate our busy schedules from twice a day walks, when he was a small puppy, and now that we depend on you for Bogart’s daily lunchtime walks. Your service has helped with the routines we follow for his training consistency, helped with training him to the electronic fence we had installed and have genuinely cared for our precious pup. We found it very important to make sure we could find a service that was reliable, trustworthy and would treat our dog as they would their own. Every day we come home to read a note from our walker that tells us how his visit went and how he acted. They always let us know that they enjoy him as much as we do. Thank you for taking care of Bogart.

Diane L.

I’ve got a houseful of cats of varying ages and a job that requires travel. My Angel Pet Sitter is very professional, always respectful of my animals and my home. Scheduling visits is easy and my special care instructions are always accommodated. I always come home to happy, well cared for cats and a personalized note for each visit letting me know anything important that I missed while I was away. And there is always a comment about something cute I missed too. I have been a happy Angel Pet Sitting client for 2 years now. I have peace of mind when I’m out of town knowing my furry friends are in good hands. I highly recommend Angel Pet Sitting.

Chris and Sally

We have been using Angel Pet Sitting since we moved to our new home in May 2006. They have been very reliable and flexible, coming in every day while we were at work, and recently 4 times daily while we were away on a break. Since Chris retired, they have adjusted their schedule to come as needed on relatively short notice. We especially like that our dog Buddy regularly sees the same two sitters that he has grown accustomed to, and not a lot of different people on different days. This is also important for us from a security standpoint, knowing that our house key and alarm code are limited to two pet sitters. We highly recommend Angel Pet Sitting to anyone who needs reliable care for their pets!

Sharon G.

I went away for a few days in August and Angel Pet Sitting took care of my three cats, Big A, Sammie and Gracie Nora.  Our sitter knew I was a neurotic mommy so she sent me a picture of them each time she went to visit them. That meant the world to me.  They were truly an “angel” to me and my babies.